it is what it is

Time will tell

And the 20th January will be a date people will recall the world over.  They will forget the promises made, the strong words spoken.

People will see for themselves that words do indeed have consequences. That lead to actions, once taken cause tremors across continents. And unease in every country across the globe.

Actions though speak louder than words. And time, time will indeed tell.

Hope and Faith. Faith and Hope

It's time for each of us to do what we can. Because we can, the best we can to live without fear. And if at times, fear strikes, we can choose to use that fear, the terrible, disabling fear of uncertainty rather as a means to feed our minds and work collaboratively, towards a stronger, more certain future within our own areas of expertise.sharing the knowledge, the experience, the work, so nobody gets left behind or out in the cold. 

There is enough to go around.It just needs rethinking. Our systems need to change to allow for a different way of living, of working, of making everything work better, for more people, rather than a small section of society. Men, Women and Children marked today in their cities across the globe, standing together for what is right.  Change happens and gathers momentum when standing together. Supporting one another locally, nationally, internationally. Mentally, physically and spiritually.  A greater social consciousness is around us.  What legacies we leave will tell another story. Our stories. The bigger story of our time. 

I believe, we can fly high and bring people around us with us,showing that together really is stronger. And I will do as much as I can to make my words do more than sit on a page.  Life is a collaborative journey.

Better to try than wonder 'what if'. Not to make assumptions, rather make good things happen. It is what it is. The journey begins as this, a new year unfolds.

challenging assumptions - a Much More Than Words breakfast event runs 22nd March. 

Ireland may be a small country but it packs a big punch overseas. I know there are big issues to resolve. But here, here we are safe and can live without fear. .Somewhere where the grass really is green.  Ireland is a place many call home now. And ‘Ireland’ means home to me. 


Face to Face Matters – it’s where real life happens!

Knowing What to Say and Using language appropriately – effectively – efficiently and in your own way

Yes, all of this matters and how you come across to people says much about you personally and professionally. Now we’re not saying you need to be perfect, that can be, well perhaps a little lacking in soul you might say.  Where you come from and accents are an essential part of who you are and in many instances can be quite endearing.  They are part of your identity and give powerful clues as to your cultural identity.

When you show who you really are through what you say, sharing what you feel by how you tell your story, people connect emotionally with you.

What we’re talking about is being understood, speaking clearly and effectively. In short, communicating in the most appropriate way in a manner which reflects who you are and represents your company well too. As a business owner, this is equally important as you are representing your business and in many cases as the business owner, you may also be representing your clients, their services and brands.  In doing so you’re carrying their reputations with you too. They have placed their trust in you and that carries a responsibility to be taken seriously.


Face to Face Matters - it's where real life happens.

(even though you're probably reading this on FB now!)

image from FB.  Source unknown.


Words do matter and it is important to be comfortable in how you use them so you can be understood, whether you are speaking in your own language or another. If you’re speaking without feeling, as if reciting from a script people will know. They will hear it in your voice, see it in your body language.. Aiming to be word perfect is unrealistic. Just because you’ve written your speech or presentation in one way, it does not mean you have to deliver it that way.  If you do, there’s a danger it will sound wooden and insincere.  The goal is to establish a rapport, a connection, to deliver a clear message that can be understood.  You need to understand who you are talking to, whether it is an audience of many or simply one other person and relate to them, deliver in a way which is appropriate to them.  Reading your audience, not reading to your audience is vital. The more you speak in public and make presentations, the more aware you become of how to keep on improving whatever the language and wherever you are in the world!.

Face to Face Matters  –  making life real

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Unsolicited, Appreciated and Good for the soul !

Feeding Feedback Forward  –  Dr. Annette Clancy of the Quinn School of Business was our Guest Speaker marking the launch our Breakfast Series for this year. To say she had us all thoroughly engaged would be an understatement – the room buzzing with plenty of lively dialogue and the feedback has been, well just fantastic.

Be it good, bad or indifferent, feedback is what I appreciate to make sure we’re on track and don’t make assumptions.

So in ‘the Words of Others’ ..  here are a few snippets..     

I was delighted to attend your networking event this morning – all speakers were amazing and really had something great to add to any organisation. Áine O’Donogue

Well done. It was a great start to the day and the energy in the room was really engaging. Sarah Bird

Janie, I was glued to Annette’s every word! She is so dynamic and great at imparting her message. Mairead Dillon

And in my words – If ever you should have the opportunity to hear Dr. Annette Clancy speak, jump at the opportunity. Do not hesitate. She is a joy to hear, a consummate professional.  To be inspired, to learn  from someone who is generous with their knowledge and delivers a clear message in such a memorable way is a gift which continues long after its presentation. Janie Lazar.

Talking about making assumptions, our next breakfast event will be on the 22nd March at the Bank of Ireland Enterprise Centre, Montrose. If you want to be part of this next conversation ‘challenging assumptions’ you’ll need to book in online. Places will be limited. Booking advisable. 

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7.45 Registration. 8am prompt start. Ends c. 9.30. am

kindly hosted by Bank of Ireland, Montrose Centre, mega thanks to Gavin Leech and Jan Cooke for making us and our guests so very welcome 


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Are you or your employees missing out?

Lack of Confidence can mean missing out 

I learnt plenty from my early years of working.  Mainly that training is different now.  Our needs as human beings are recognised.  Looking back, I can see the inadvertent and destructive way in which I was given feedback succeeded only in knocking me back, which is why I so strongly believe that the workplace is indeed an emotional arena and every possible support needs to be given.  Yes, our experiences and emotions do indeed shape us and perhaps as confident as the ‘millenials’ may appear to be, they need all the help available to really connect.  On-line is not the same as ‘Off-line’. and the work needed in building self awareness is an individual continuous journey.

Dr. Annette Clancy, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at UCD College of Business shares invaluable insights as our key note speaker at our first Breakfast Meeting of 2017 for HR Specialists and people involved in Leadership roles. Book now

This event is kindly hosted by the Bank of Ireland at the new Enterprise Lounge at UCD, Montrose. Registration from 7.45 for 8am Start. Event ends c. 9.30. Join us for lively discussion around what we believe really matters.

Whether you are working and speaking in your own language or another, speaking from experience I can say hand on heart, self confidence is key to performance.

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The first Dublin breakfast event for 2017 – Contact Janie on 087 8572005 or click on image to book your place.

Emotions for Breakfast

Calling HR Professionals:  Be part of the conversation and join us as Dr. Annette Clancy shares invaluable insights at our first breakfast meeting of 2017 in Dublin at the Bank of Ireland Enterprise Centre, Montrose. Details here. Booking advisable.


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The Workplace as an Emotional Rollercoaster

Human Emotions shape us. They shape us professionally and personally. They also have a stronger influence on our overall performance and satisfaction with life than we care to realize.

In talking with participants of a Much More Than Words workshop we ran back in the Autumn, I was reminded of how strongly I too felt when working overseas about ‘not being who I thought I was’. What I mean by that is that in another country and not being as able to express myself as well as I might in my own language, I somehow felt ‘less’ and undoubtedly lost out, as did the company in different ways.  psst

It was if I had lost part of my identity because I had mentally defined myself by what I did, rather than who I was. I felt as if someone was going to tap me on the shoulder and whisper ‘Psst… what are you doing here’ and that I was an imposter somehow because by the time I opened my mouth to say something, to contribute in team meetings, all too often the conversations moved on before I had a chance.The problem was not that I lacked the ability to speak in French,  but I lacked the confidence to just say what I meant and not worry about speaking perfectly.  I believe it was this lack of confidence in my early working life that led to emotions getting the better of me and working in the world of advertising, I needed to brave up fast, which I did but paid the price, a story or two for another day.

Lack of Confidence can mean missing out 

But I learnt plenty from those early years.  That our experiences and emotions do indeed shape us and as my career progressed, I had a responsibility to those who worked in my teams to make sure how I handled situations didn’t have a detrimental impact like some of my earlier experiences had on me. Whether you are working and speaking in your own language or another, self confidence is key to performance.

January 2017 Event Logo
The first Dublin breakfast event for 2017 – Contact Janie on 087 8572005 or click on image to book your place.

Had I been a stronger, more resilient person and not so self conscious perhaps my ‘strangeness’, my identity as the girl from London could have been used to my advantage, as ‘a wild card’ and I would have played it stronger. But my emotions won and got the better of me.

In the workplace, how we see ourselves and others see us impact hugely on our ability to perform.  How we are treated by our peers and those who lead the organisations we find ourselves in impact in ways previously considered less important perhaps than they are today.

The Organisation as an ‘Emotional Arena’

Dr. Annette Clancy from the Quinn School of Business in UCD  will be sharing invaluable insights on the 18th January, at the first of our Breakfast Events for 2017 to be held at the Bank of Ireland Enterprise Centre, Montrose, Dublin.  If you’re involved in HR or a leadership role and can make it, I feel sure this will be time well spent. If you’d like to know more, you can call me directly on 086 8572005.

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On Listening

This blog post by Dr. Annette Clancy, our keynote speaker for January 18th caught my eye

.. Many words will be written on the wind and the sand, or end up in some obscure digital vault. But the storytelling will go on until the last human being stops listening. Then we can send the great chronicle of humanity out into the endless universe.

Who knows? Maybe someone is out there, willing to listen … extract from Dr. Annette Clancy’s blog

Is it really a coincidence that both SILENT and LISTEN contain the same letters? I think not !

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the organisation as an ’emotional arena’

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