Everything we do in life involves communication and collaboration. At work especially, confident communicators connect more easily. Much more than Words draws on real life experience and uses a range of techniques to help you be the very best you can be.  

We’re now living in a world where no matter how fast technology advances, or how amazing the capabilities of virtual reality become, at MMTW we believe nothing, absolutely nothing will ever replace the human need and desire to connect. We thrive when we connect well and it is not a case of being more of an extrovert or putting yourself at risk but rather making the most of the skills you have and building on them. Flying high at the Diwali Festival Auckland ViaductIt is all about understanding more about how best to relate to other people and being aware of the impact of what we say and do. Knowing a second or third language for example is important, but you need to have the confidence to know how to use the language: to speak to succeed. The approach we take with MMTW joins the dots and our workshops create a framework to give context to working in a more productive way.

Our experience shows us that native English Speakers lack the confidence to present well and fear public speaking, so it comes as no surprise that non native English speakers also need help too and why we piloted an integrated program of learning in 2016 and continued our pilot through 2017. This research confirmed the need to provide this service to multinational organisations in Ireland.

English is the universal language and for professionals moving to another country, it is often the common language in the workplace.  The faster a person becomes comfortable and can communicate appropriately and effectively, the sooner they are able to settle, both in their local community and in their place of work.

Programs are designed to accelerate and facilitate workplace integration.  

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