Conversation as ‘Currency’ – finally the value of ‘real ‘conversation is being recognised. But is your company simply paying ‘lip service’  or providing useful training?

Whether it’s that mad crazy dialogue inside our heads or chats with people each day, conversation matters. Connection matters. Being part of a Community matters.

Tedx Drogheda 2017

Since establishing Much More Than Words, Founder Janie Lazar has given a Tedx talk as a result of her findings.  Finally, Conversation Matters

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In a multi-cultural world, these skills have never been more important.  And it involves more than being able to standing up and give a talk or presentation, it’s about getting to the core of a person’s potential. 

Lack of confidence is often cited as to why people don’t achieve what they want or aspire to. Most training – if available at all – only scratches the surface.  Finding your focus, building on strengths and ‘lifting the lid’ on potential for growth is what drives lasting change. That is what we do, as we boost core communication skills, without which, almost any expertise is as useful as a chocolate teapot !

When individuals and organisations focus on building a stronger sense of personal identity especially in a multi-culturally diverse organisation, everything flows more easily. And we think that’s a conversation worth having.

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"practical training which exceeded my expectations” 
"My challenge as organiser was not only to speak well, but to chair a major event we were sponsoring.  Janie's help was invaluable."

Now I have the confidence to give a presentation in English to our European Sales TeamLINKED-IN TESTIMONIALS

.. Increased Staff Retention * Improved Performance *
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