All training should prepare you not just for another job – but to live life well

  As individuals and professionals the better we communicate, the more satisfying and effective life can be. For business, this means high levels of performance and greater productivity. .  

Speaking another language is only an advantage if you have the confidence to use it  – without confidence, it is as much use as a ‘chocolate teapot!” 

Our research tells us that our integrated approach to upskilling especially when English is not the first language works.  Time and time again, feedback confirms lack of confidence undermines performance limiting an individual’s potential on a personal and professional level.

Whether you work remotely, autonomously or in a team environment, being an effective communicator  is an invaluable skill. Confident people become increasingly more creative and innovative in how they work and connect with people. Real confidence and effective communication comes with personal development which supports individuals in their career development so it’s a ‘win/win’ for organisations and their employees.

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 Recent Feedback below:                         RECENT LINKED-IN TESTIMONIALS

"A practical workshop which exceeded my expectations” 
"Being understood by people of many different nationalities when English is not the first language of any of us makes me feel really happy."

Now I have the confidence to give a presentation in English to our European Sales Team

.. Increased Staff Retention * Improved Performance *
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