(Note: this workshop can also be run in-house within organisations and tailored to specfiic requirements)

This workshop will be of benefit to business owners and professionals who:
  1. Get stressed about giving presentations/impromptu speaking
  2. Have a fear of public speaking and need to give talks/speeches
  3. Find general communication with other people difficult
  4. Need to structuring and give presentations
  5. Need to train/brief others
  6. Want to feel more confident, less stressed and nervous
  7. Want to connect and communicate more effectively
  8. Develop their own style
  9. Liaise with Customers/Third Parties
  10. Network socially/professionally

Learning Outcomes – Participants will have 

  1. An increased appreciation of word / language power and body language
  2. Have a greater level of self awareness, self understanding
  3. Learn practical ways to present effectively
  4. Gaining a greater awareness of Personality Types and relevance to presentation styles
  5. Opportunities to practice skills learnt and be better equipped to plan, prepare and deliver more effective presentations
  6. Have a greater ability to communicate more clearly
  7. Insights into how to network more easily through increased confidence gained during workshop
  8. Greater self control and be able to handle stress more easily
  9. Have greater potential to influence others through use of acquired skills
  10. Learnt active listening skills and experienced the value of observation and feedback as on-going learning techniques

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