Whether it’s that mad crazy dialogue inside our heads or those every day external encounters. Everyday conversation matters. Connection matters. Since establishing Much More Than Words, Founder Janie Lazar has given a Tedx talk as a result of her findings.  Finally, Conversation Matters

Working and living in a new country can be extremely challenging – even when the language is the same –  as MMTW Founder and Owner Janie Lazar knows only too well.  ‘Coming to live full time in Ireland back in the early 1990’s I thought would have been relatively easy, after all, I’d lived in London for most of my adult working life, how different could it be in Ireland?’ Every country is culturally different though and especially those with the same language.

Seeing the need for real connection in business having worked both in the corporate environment and as a Business Owner herself, knowing that sustainable business relationships are built on trust and that as humans we have a fundamental need to connect not just communicate, which saw the focus move even more towards workplace inclusion and real connection.

Ireland has become increasingly ‘international’ in every sense of the word. With technology progressing so fast and for many professionals their work now involves sitting working at a computer screen for most of the working day. When it comes to liaising in real time – either face to face or through technolomisc dec 09 003 COFFEEgy – it can be daunting and pretty stressful, especially for those of a more introverted nature and those who don’t like public speaking, presenting or simply prefer to work autonomously.  The MMTW training approach is all about colllaboration, from the inner dialogue with oneself to beyond.

And looking ‘beyond’, understanding the need of non native language speakers and in recognition of the growing needs of international professionals whose first language is not English in Ireland, trial of an integrated approach in 2016 confirmed an underlying need to address the personal development of an individual focusing on building confidence and practical presentation skills. The MultiCultural Exchange followed in 2017 to further research real needs.

'Being a specialist in one's area is only as valuable as one's ability to impart information appropriately and within the time available. Having the confidence to communicate effectively and really connect is what makes sets you apart.' As technology increasingly takes over many of the day to day tasks reducing the need for human intervention, the need for human connection is more vital than ever.  

MMTW provides added value to HR Training Managers in offering Specialist Communications Training boosting effective communication and presentation skills, promoting employee confidence and potential for emhanced productivity.

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Pre/during/Post training consultation and 1:1 feedback is an integral part of what we do.  This adds to the training outcome and has a positive impact on staff retention and job satisfaction.


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