For SME’s, Sole Traders & Business Owners

PROBABLY.. The most important skills  of all ! 

Presenting, Pitching and Public Speaking are skills which every professional needs.  Like it or not, we all have to sell – ourselves and our business.  If English isn’t your first language, then the challenge is even harder.

As facilitators, we are used to working in a multicultural environment, have experience of language coaching and of living overseas too, so we are very aware of just how important it is to maintain your individuality, communicate effectively and build trust especially when working in another country..

This Essential Communication and Presentation Skills 2 Day Intensive Workshop is designed to boost your confidence and competency as a presenter, giving you the opportunity to build on your existing skills and practice those you’ll learn as this is a highly interactive program..

Who is this foundation Workshop most suitable for?

SME’s, Business Owners, Individuals who want to hone their communication skills.  People who both want and/or need to network and know the value of ‘connection’.

As busy people, we understand there is never a perfect time to up-skill which is why we’ve put an incredible amount of training into just two days.This is an intensive, immersive workshop, where you’ll acquire practical skills you can put to use straight away.

As business owners ourselves, we know only too well the pressures and demands of running a business. Not only can we boost key skills, we also relate to what you have to deal with and where we can, we’ll also include useful practical exercises and techniques you may need, tailored as much as possible.

Places are restricted to 12 to maximize learning outcomes

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