it is what it is

Time will tell

And the 20th January will be a date people will recall the world over.  They will forget the promises made, the strong words spoken.

People will see for themselves that words do indeed have consequences. That lead to actions, once taken cause tremors across continents. And unease in every country across the globe.

Actions though speak louder than words. And time, time will indeed tell.

Hope and Faith. Faith and Hope

It's time for each of us to do what we can. Because we can, the best we can to live without fear. And if at times, fear strikes, we can choose to use that fear, the terrible, disabling fear of uncertainty rather as a means to feed our minds and work collaboratively, towards a stronger, more certain future within our own areas of expertise.sharing the knowledge, the experience, the work, so nobody gets left behind or out in the cold. 

There is enough to go around.It just needs rethinking. Our systems need to change to allow for a different way of living, of working, of making everything work better, for more people, rather than a small section of society. Men, Women and Children marked today in their cities across the globe, standing together for what is right.  Change happens and gathers momentum when standing together. Supporting one another locally, nationally, internationally. Mentally, physically and spiritually.  A greater social consciousness is around us.  What legacies we leave will tell another story. Our stories. The bigger story of our time. 

I believe, we can fly high and bring people around us with us,showing that together really is stronger. And I will do as much as I can to make my words do more than sit on a page.  Life is a collaborative journey.

Better to try than wonder 'what if'. Not to make assumptions, rather make good things happen. It is what it is. The journey begins as this, a new year unfolds.

challenging assumptions - a Much More Than Words breakfast event runs 22nd March. 

Ireland may be a small country but it packs a big punch overseas. I know there are big issues to resolve. But here, here we are safe and can live without fear. .Somewhere where the grass really is green.  Ireland is a place many call home now. And ‘Ireland’ means home to me.