Face to Face Matters – it’s where real life happens!

Knowing What to Say and Using language appropriately – effectively – efficiently and in your own way

Yes, all of this matters and how you come across to people says much about you personally and professionally. Now we’re not saying you need to be perfect, that can be, well perhaps a little lacking in soul you might say.  Where you come from and accents are an essential part of who you are and in many instances can be quite endearing.  They are part of your identity and give powerful clues as to your cultural identity.

When you show who you really are through what you say, sharing what you feel by how you tell your story, people connect emotionally with you.

What we’re talking about is being understood, speaking clearly and effectively. In short, communicating in the most appropriate way in a manner which reflects who you are and represents your company well too. As a business owner, this is equally important as you are representing your business and in many cases as the business owner, you may also be representing your clients, their services and brands.  In doing so you’re carrying their reputations with you too. They have placed their trust in you and that carries a responsibility to be taken seriously.


Face to Face Matters - it's where real life happens.

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Words do matter and it is important to be comfortable in how you use them so you can be understood, whether you are speaking in your own language or another. If you’re speaking without feeling, as if reciting from a script people will know. They will hear it in your voice, see it in your body language.. Aiming to be word perfect is unrealistic. Just because you’ve written your speech or presentation in one way, it does not mean you have to deliver it that way.  If you do, there’s a danger it will sound wooden and insincere.  The goal is to establish a rapport, a connection, to deliver a clear message that can be understood.  You need to understand who you are talking to, whether it is an audience of many or simply one other person and relate to them, deliver in a way which is appropriate to them.  Reading your audience, not reading to your audience is vital. The more you speak in public and make presentations, the more aware you become of how to keep on improving whatever the language and wherever you are in the world!.

Face to Face Matters  –  making life real

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Author: janie lazar

Janie Lazar is at heart a ChangeMaker. As a qualified Executive and Personal Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Speaker and Writer, her work with professionals has a focus on Communication, specialising in working with senior management and in particular with those whose first language is NOT English. With Andrea Goldman in 2016, Janie piloted workshops to evaluate the needs of international professionals working in Ireland, resulting in an Integrated Approach to Professional Development for non-native English Speakers in the Workplace.