Getting Your Message Across

is all about Pitching, Persuading, Performing – being the best you can be

You may well be an expert in your field, the person who people look to for knowledge, guidance and learning, but if you cannot get your message out there clearly and effectively, then you’re wasting time.  Time which your audience ‘of one’ or ‘of many’, has given you – either way, they will have expectations and you have a responsibility to deliver well!

Maybe you have a speech to prepare and deliver, a major sales presentation to give, an educational talk.  A simple, everyday conversation. What matters most especially when you are not speaking in your own language, is that you maximise the opportunity you have and give people who have given their time to attend real value.


What you want is for people to come away with a ‘BIG YES FEELING’. What does that mean? Yes, this is someone I like. Yes, this is someone I respect. Yes, this is someone I can work with. Yes, this is someone I’d be happy to recommend. YES.YES.YES. And yes, when someone likes you, they will want to get to know you.  When we get to know someone we like, we want to do business with them. The reality is… we prefer to do business with people we like!

Make no mistake, even if you believe you are not in sales – you are.  We are all selling. All of the time. 

It's only human nature to want to like a person, to feel comfortable with them.  Then we know we can trust them and it is this element, trust, which underpins every relationship personal and professional.

Group Training with Janie and on a ‘One to One’ basis

The strength of the one to one business relationship is what sustains customer loyalty – not the time spent in front of a computer screen, behind an email or text message, all ways in which one can so easily be ‘misunderstood’.

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Much More Than Words is running a Breakfast Time HR Event on the 18th January 2017 at the Bank of Ireland, Montrose Centre.

Free breakfast + particularly interesting speakers!

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Author: janie lazar

Janie Lazar is at heart a ChangeMaker. As a qualified Executive and Personal Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Speaker and Writer, her work with professionals has a focus on Communication, specialising in working with senior management and in particular with those whose first language is NOT English. With Andrea Goldman in 2016, Janie piloted workshops to evaluate the needs of international professionals working in Ireland, resulting in an Integrated Approach to Professional Development for non-native English Speakers in the Workplace.

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