Induction Workshop

For New Employees

Our Induction Workshop is geared towards optimizing the ability of new employees to engage and contribute effectively, so as to become valuable team members far faster than struggling alone, using our foundation Essential Communication and Presentation Skills Workshop to begin the process of understanding what it takes to be a team player and communicate well.

Irrespective of whether new employees are here on a short or longer contract, helping them to settle in Ireland and in your company by boosting core communication skills is a positive and constructive way of kick-starting their experience with your company. Contact us If a number of employees are non native English speakers  and need/English language boosting, we can provide for this either within our Integrated Program or with one to one language coaching.

The first thing we do is meet with you to see how we can tailor a Workshop for optimum outcome.  Training can be delivered on or off-site and our pricing structure will allow for this and any specific requirements.

Call Janie on 086 8572005 or click below to request a meeting.

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