Technology and Monkeys

Oh so cleverly! Technology is making monkeys of us.

Rather than creating a 'Culture of Conversation' where people think for themselves, we're moving on autopilot. Increasingly failing to question what on earth we're doing and more importantly why.

Every day we’re overloaded with images, subliminal advertising, thousands of messages which slowly, oh so cleverly are taking over our minds.  Influencing how we think. What we think.  Directing us towards products and services companies think we might like. Even this blog, our web-site. That’s the reality of the word of commerce.  Pressure to canvas support, for charities, for political parties, for local campaigns. We are free thinkers. Aren’t we? Sometimes I wonder whether we really think at all.  Edward de Bono felt thinking is a skill that should be taught in school and I agree.

HOLD ON.  It’s time to challenge yourself. take the time to think out  loud.

RATIONALISE what you’re thinking.

QUESTION the basis for  judgement and use a little more reason to challenge any assumptions you or a colleague are making before finalizing key decisions..

We use our ‘gut’ almost instinctively. It can help guide us to make the right decisions, using a combination of knowledge we’ve accumulated based on fact and our experience. We don’t always pick up on what it’s telling us. Hear the signals. From the ‘unsettled’ feeling in the stomach to perhaps ‘tingling’ when something is right.

Think about the word disease.  See it again perhaps as dis-ease. Consider it as discomfort, an alert. A way of telling us to be careful.

Sometimes though I believe it is there to stop us rushing into things. Making the wrong decisions The problem is often we don’t give ourselves time to think. We get caught up in the excitement of something and don’t make time for that ‘internal dialogue’.  I’ve done it so often myself as I don’t always take the time I should.  And there is often a cost.  Usually an emotional cost.  Consequences. So my thought for today in this blog post – which is one way for me to having a conversation of sorts with you – is to ask you to challenge your emotions and any assumptions you’re making. Don’t just blindly accept what you’re thinking especially on the bigger issues.  Emotions are triggered by what we think and therein lies the opportunity to use reason and make sure your mind and heart is really working in tandem and your intentions are coming from the right place.

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