Executive Coaching

For Executives and Business Owners – Time to Think Out Loud

Having a qualified, accredited Executive Business Coach who is independent of the organisation provides a confidential and accountable way of boosting professional performance.  Face to face works best though for executives who travel frequently, on-line coaching can be easily arranged.

It’s not just for ‘management in suits’, we’re working with Ireland’s emerging leaders like Charlie Byrne of Engager 

“As a Founder and CEO of an emerging Start-up, pitching is the life blood of my business. Janie has completely changed my pitching style for the better. Her ability to inject confidence and ensure you engage and captivate an audience is incredible. I can’t praise or recommend Janie enough.”

Task Specific

From time to time an executive may have a specific task to prepare for such as speech for a sales conference, a team presentation or deliver a key note address for a global audience.  As an experienced speaker and trainer, Janie Lazar will work through preparation, rehearsal and delivery to ensure task objectives are met.

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