Public Mini Workshops

Public Mini Workshops 

These are designed to optimize your ability to engage and contribute more effectively from day one by helping you to achieve a better command of English + improved interpersonal skills and maximize your opportunities to help you secure:

 .. Jobs, Promotions, Motivation and Success!

Whether English is your first language or not, building up your ability to use English effectively and with confidence means you’ll learn how to connect with greater confidence and build up your own style of communication.  Confident communicators get more out of life personally and professionally – and this doesn’t depend on being an extravert either.  Some of the world’s most effective public speakers are introverts.  Check out .Susan Cain and you’ll soon see how ‘The Power of Quiet has become one of the most watched talks on TED.

Our public workshop clients are business owners, employees, the self-employed, mature students and new immigrants. Whatever your reasons, for doing one of our workshops, you’ll leave a more competent and confident communicator!

One of our most popular mini workshops last year was ‘Prepare to Present’.  specifically for Professionals whose First Language is Not English. This practical workshop builds up English Language and Communication skills to improve your ability to present with greater confidence. Designed for employees, business owners and job seekers to provide a practical and supportive environment to help hone your Communication and Presentation Skills.

2017 will include

  • ‘Prepare to Present’ – A mini workshop
  • CV and Preparation for Job Interview
  • ‘Flip the Switch’ 

Details to follow soon.


Workshops for 2017 will be posted on this website and on our FB Page.

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