Public Workshops

These are designed to get results fast.  We know that not everyone can avail of training through their companies. And for business owners time rarely allows for taking weekdays off.  Our Public Workshops are drawn from our Corporate Training Program and priced to accommodate people who do not have the luxury of an organisation paying for training.  Workshops are fully interactive, give you practical skills and are led by Janie Lazar, Tedx Speaker and founder of Much More Than Words.

All focus on improving communication and performance.

At different times of the year, in response to demand Janie also leads specialised workshops, such as ‘Wedding Speech Coaching’, useful for their ‘big day’ and professional skills for life.

Introvert? Extravert? Everyone who can project a confident image, quietly and professionally is an asset to any company. Some of the world's most effective public speakers are introverts.Check out Susan Cain and you'll soon see how 'The Power of Quiet has become one of the most watched talks on TED.


what I love is you never know who you will meet on a ‘Much More Than Words’ workshop !!

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